Children's Eye Care

Children's Eye Exams and Treatments

Francis Eye Center provides comprehensive eye exams for children of all ages. We perform a thorough vision screening to check for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, all of which can affect your child’s health and their ability to perform well at school or in sports. Dr. Francis can prescribe children’s glasses or contacts.

Dr. Francis performs thorough eye exams to screen for eye disorders that develop during childhood, which includes amblyopia (lazy eye,) and some ocular tumors. Amblyopia is a condition that develops during childhood in which the brain learns to ignore a poorly seeing eye. Symptoms may include blurred vision, an eye that “wanders,” or the child may be asymptomatic while seeing clearly with their unaffected eye. Amblyopia is best treated during childhood, and treatment becomes more difficult and less effective as people become older. Early diagnosis and treatment is key to preventing permanent vision loss due to amblyopia. Amblyopia treatment is directed towards forcing the brain to use the lazy eye. Amblyopia treatment may include eyeglasses, eye patching, eye drops, or surgery.

Eye exams are an important part of your child’s health. If your child is straining to read, having difficulty in school, complains of headaches, or has an eye that “wanders,” then please make an appointment at Francis Eye Center.

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